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Phone (+39) 055 7350580
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Benelli Ademaro s.r.l.

Our company has been designing and producing exclusive, made-to-measure metal accessories for Italian and foreign haute-couture brands since 1984.

We have an operational structure equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and high technical and instrumental resources. In 2021, we moved to our fully owned property covering 2500 square metres located in the industrial centre of Scandicci. This has greatly expanded the space allocated to production, quality control, warehouses, and offices, allowing us to continue to ensure our quality standards and an increasingly efficient service. The company's workforce consists of 22 qualified and professional staff members capable of guaranteeing high-quality "Made in Italy" production and offering the utmost reliability and promptness in processing each order.

In addition, since 2019 we have joined the "BENELLI DIGITAL INNOVATION" project, which aims to achieve the implementation of appropriate improvement methodologies, characteristic of the Lean applications at the level of the 4.0 production system, and specific to the various company operations involved.